Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton


To understand the purposes and differences of selfies, portraits and self-portraits;
To look at the work of of contemporary artists who create portraits and self-portraits and interpret
and analyze their purposes;
To create a video that effectively communicates “who you are”;

To use imovie’s features in a creative and unique way.

Cindy Sherman is a widely recognized American photographer who is unique in several ways. For
starters, she is one of few photographers who uses herself as the subjects. The variety in her photos
are created by using different props, such as wigs. Her photos are both intriguing, and to some, can
be described as disturbing. She poses and dresses up as characters from certain movies, and most
often is known for photographing stereotypes of women in the acting industry. Her identity is shown
both through the ways she takes the pictures, similar to other photographers, but is also shown
through the way she models, which is very unique. Cindy Shermans photos, as well as the way she
takes them, have made her one of the most popular female photographers in history.
Untitled Film Still #81. 1980

Brandon Stanton is an artist working to tell other peoples stories throughout the streets of New York.
While taking his photos, he asked the people around him to tell their stories, and through their words,
he was able to understand their identities. By combining both these quotes and pictures of the people,
viewers are able to understand more about the person. When mixing to different ways of showing a
person, you are able to learn about them through multiple dimensions. His work tells the stories of
random people he meets, and gives the truth, nothing glamorized. It is very interesting to watch these
peoples stories unfold, all diverse and different from each other.

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