The Photographers

The first aspect of a photographers job I found interesting was the amount of time it took to develop a shot worthy of the magazine, let alone the cover. For most of these photographers, 3/4 of their lives are spent on the road, taking thousands of pictures of their subjects. The crazy part about this, though, is that even though they have 18 hour days and take such a large number of photos, many of the photographers who have been working for two decades have less than five cover stories. Another thing I found very interesting about the movie was the danger the photographers put themselves in to take their shots. They go into harsh conditions, and may develop diseases such as malaria if too close to certain things. It is also hard for them to take pictures of wildlife that have the ability to kill them, as they need to know when to run away, and how to make slight, subtle movements. Lastly, I found the impact of these pictures incredible. To people in the US, the photos we see in magazines are usually our only opportunity to see the lives and struggles of other people. I was very surprised to learn that many people are inclined to help the subjects of the photos, and will often contact National Geographic to play their part in helping them, even if they are unable to be in that place. It's unbelievable that the photos these people are taking can lead to the subjects receiving help, after connecting with the image. Overall, this movie opened my eyes to the work behind these amazing magazines, and was very interesting to watch.