Intro to Levitation Photography

  • To learn how Levitation is being used in the world of photography;
  • To make connections from levitation to real-world uses;
  • To create levitation photographs inspired by other amateur and professional photographers.

Levitation is the action of floating, or rising into the air usually magically by an un-natural force.

Paranormal actions is "denoting events" that are unknown by science, such as telekinesis.

The first thing you need to use to create a believable levitation photograph is tools to make it look like you really are doing the action it shows. For example, if you are in mid air, your hair probably needs to be going in the corresponding direction, so you would use a fan, or prop, to help convince the viewer that what they are looking at is real. Another tip is to remember that when you crop the object your subject is sitting on out, you want to see the whole body. If the chair that the person is sitting on his covering the body, when you crop it out the photo will look incomplete. When shooting, you shoot also shoot from the lowest angle possible, as the subject will look higher if the picture is taken from below them. A final technique is to keep the shoot as simple as possible. If the subject is wearing plain clothes, it makes it very easy to differentiate between the body and background. If you continue to keep the camera still, it will prevent the image from blurring our making less sense when photoshopped.

These photos are all incredible examples of levitation photographs. All of these photos are well thought out, and used attention to detail to make this believable. One example of this is all of the subjects hair. They are each going in the direction of where their body is facing. Another example all of these photos include is the shadows. Even though the subject wasn't in the original landscape, the shadow is included, probably done in photoshop. The first photo is very coordinated, because it's by the water, so the subjects hair is wet. The last one is also very interesting, because instead of the person just floating, there is a ballon included to make it look like that is pulling the person up. My ideas for making this are all reflected on the photos I've seen. I imagine having a background with a flag pole, and maybe me attached to the side, using a fan to make my hair go backward. This would make me look like the flag, going the same direction it does based on the "wind".