History of Photography

The first fact I found interesting was one I learned after my own individual research on Sally Mann. Mann, who took controversial pictures of her nude children, didn't get much recognition in the 1990's because many people had a traditional mindset and thought of her pictures as revealing and most of them disapproved. I also found it fascinating that after listening to all of the presentations, many new innovative photographers have become famous based on their social media presence. Although they may not be the most recognized in the photography world, they have made the social media world more aware of current photography. Another interesting fact I learned from this project was that the concept of the camera obscura was created as long ago as the fifth century BCE. Although it wasn't nearly close to the way it looks like today, the idea was there, and impacted drawing back in that time period. I also learned more about the Kodak company, and the meaning behind the name. It was created by George Eastman in attempt to make an affordable camera, and named the company based on the way the letters looked.