Strategies for Making Interesting Photographs

To become familiar with strategies to make your photographs more interesting;

To demonstrate strong compositional skills to create dynamic photographs
Over the course of the project, I have learned a lot about different types of photographs, and how to take photographs using particular techniques. I learned a lot about reflection, and the many was you can take pictures using reflection. I was never aware of the many surfaces you can use besides from water using reflection, and found it interesting that shadows are a reflection, because they reflect the subjects figure. I also learned that taking pictures from unusual angles can not only make them more interesting, but will usually include a different technique of photography, such as leading lines or getting close up, because you are taking these pictures from a new angle. Before this project, I didn't know that the emotion of a photograph doesn't always have to be a persons facial expressions. The amount of light, color, or warmth, are just some examples of ways to convey different emotions into a photograph without including facial expressions.