Photos with Quotes

The first project I did was the flowers, with the quote "Happiness blooms from within". I used many layers to spell out the word happiness, so I could make it fit and fill the open space on the left side of the photo. To make it more unified, instead of spelling the word happiness top to bottom, I did the opposite, so that the viewer could easily read the quote and transition to the next part of the quote. In the word happiness, I also made the letters all different fonts so the photo could be more unique. I also used the tool to make the last part of the quote an arch, so it could fit around the flower and annunciate the shape without writing on top of the flower. To make it all fit together, I used the same shade of yellow that is in the flower as I did in the letters, which made the wording fit better with the photo. Because of the brightness in the photo, I had to use a dark effect on some of the words to make them stand out amidst the yellow and green. Finally, I choose the quote about flowers because it connected directly to the photo and made the whole piece a lot more organized.

The piece I made with the teapot and mug also had a quote that was similar to the photo so the project would look more purposeful. In the photo, there is not very much space to write your quote, so I had to think of a way to fit my quote without making the piece overly cramped. I decided that I would wrap the words around the subjects in the photo, so I had to make the font a little bit smaller. This piece took longer to make than the others, because almost every word used a different tool and rotation to fit against the rim of the subject. I used the rise tool for part of the quote, but had to shift the tool to arch to have it fit over the circular part of the cup. I chose a very simple font, as I thought the photo was very minimalistic, and that if I used bold or cursive the overall aesthetic would feel off. This helped the piece be more unified, as the font matched the theme of the photo.

The last photo I used was of candles in a dark room, with a corresponding quote. This photo had a lot of extra space, due to blank black darkness in the background. Because of the amount of space I had, I used the flag tool, which made the letters look like they were scripted and is similar to the lettering on the candle, which although hard to see, makes the whole piece more uniform. I also used a fairly large font to fill in all of the empty space in the background. I connected the photo by making lettering using the tool arch, which brought letters from the top left of the photo to the bottom right. This made all of the piece in focus, instead of letting the viewer's eyes stay in the top third of the photo. This photo is very different from many I have seen because it is very simple, and doesn't have a lot of textures or patterns visible due to the darkness.